Album Review: Yellowcard ‘Self Titled’

For anyone who knows me, they will know two things about me. One I have two Yellowcard Tattoo’s and two I traveled across the world to see Yellowcard live and to meet them in person! So it is no shock that the news of Yellowcard saying a final farewell hit me pretty hard.

When you look back at Yellowcard’s history they’ve produced incredible music that the fans have loved, they’ve toured across the world many times, played festivals and co-headlines shows with the likes of New Found Glory and more. This band have been together since 1997 with a few member changes through out the years, like many bands. But what I am grateful for the most is that I had the opportunity to see these guys live.

Like many people I fell in love with them and Ocean’s Avenue back in 2003, I was 13 and would have never dreamed that I would see them live. By the time I was 18 and had moved to the big city where I would have the opportunity to see live music it felt like it was to late. Yellowcard announced their indefinite hiatus the same year in 2008. But thankfully they had their time apart and came back swinging in 2010 and then the release of ‘When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes’in 2011.

The past six years have seen Yellowcard come back like they never left, four albums, countless tours and festivals. But like they always say , all good things must come to and end. So how does Yellowcard finish off this chapter of their life? With one of their best albums to date. For some bands they may announce the end with just a tour to complete everything. The sheer fact that Yellowcard recorded an album and announced a very lengthy tour shows how much respect and love they have for their fans and the music.

Fans and listeners will find the self titled album the perfect chapter to the book we call Yellowcard. Not only do the lyrics speak to us like they always do with honesty and heartfelt emotion, they also speak about it being the end like the first single ‘Rest In Peace’. The band really want us to come to terms with saying farewell to Yellowcard and for us to be at peace with it. The album is heavy opening with ‘Rest In Peace’and only stops for a moment with Ryan and a piano on ‘Leave A Light On’. It then picks back up and bring you all the way to the end before you know it. Another highlight would have to be ‘Savior’s Robes’ which will make you want to get in the mosh pit! Yellowcard’s Self Titles album comes to a beautiful end with ‘Feilds and Fences’ which clocks in at 6 minutes 59 seconds, their longest song to date. Ryan Keys sings ‘I wanna start living, I wanna be brave, I wanna find where I belong’and just when you think that this is a beautiful acoustic song to end the album they surprise you, well you can find that out for yourself.

Yellowcard have introduced so much into our lives, who would have thought that some punk rock emo kids would love a band who have a violinist,  Sean Mackin.  We have grown with these guys and are know longer those punk rock emo kids, OK maybe deep down inside we still are. So embrace this album with all the love you have for Yellowcard and once you have obsessed over it like I will, go and buy a ticket for their Farewell Tour!

Feb 15, 2017 Capitol, Perth – 18+
Feb 17, 2017 Enmore Theatre, Sydney – All Ages
Feb 18, 2017 The Triffid, Brisbane – 18+
Feb 21, 2017 The Gov, Adelaide – 18+
Feb 23, 2017 Max Watt’s, Melbourne – 18+
Feb 24, 2017 Max Watt’s, Melbourne – 18+
Feb 25, 2017 Corner Hotel, Melbourne – 18+

For all ticket details check them out at Frontier Touring 

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