Liam & Sophia’s Engagement Shoot

I could say I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to shoot this wonderful couple a few weeks ago. But the truth is Liam is my cousin I have known him all his life and when I heard he was engaged I felt proud of him. Being at such a young age it is hard to comprehend how much two people can really love each other, but then you see them together. The first moment I met Sophia I saw and felt straight away that there was something bigger than anything else holding these two together, not just Liam’s hands tightly around her waist. Love is not something I truly understand but seeing the love these two hold for each other made it become a reality for me.


I photographed the lovely couple in Warwick, QLD their home town and were I too spent a lot of my time growing up with my Aunty and Uncle. The shoot wasn’t entirely ideal as the sun wasn’t at that peak setting just yet but I made do with the time frame I was given. I started off slowly with the two as I could see that Sophia was a little nervous and took some group shots of them and her family. You can also tell that Sophia’s parents are very proud of their daughter and the man that she will one day marry (they are to have a long engagement).


We then went for a little walk down the creek/river away from all the crowd I found some nice spots for the two to stand and just walked away and let them talk amongst themselves. With my live music photography I am also trying to capture those more intimate moments where the band members are not just singing and playing their instruments. I feel that it is in those moments that you can capture a person more candidly  and just being themselves. I did not need to say anything to them they were just there in the moment looking into each others eyes, and Liam constantly telling Sophia she looked beautiful.

We finished the shoot with a few more of their family members and also ones of just the couples mothers. I unfortunately missed the two kissing but my cousin decided to give it another shot just for me. Once again being able to capture an intimate moment for the two for them.


Thank you Liam and Sophia for letting me capture this moment in your life. I can not wait to see what adventures the two of you will have together.

Please get in contact if you to would like an intimate shoot done.

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