Make The Most Of Every Month

Another month in 2016 is about to come to an end, the start of May was incredible for me and so busy that I didn’t know how I was going to survive on such little sleep. But then the first two weeks finished and I realised that I had no more gigs for the rest of the month and did not plan on doing anything in that extra time I had.

At the end of each month I try to go through what I have done and what I have achieved. I don’t like to reflect on the negative things but some times those are the things we hold onto the most. So here goes what am I most proud of for May 2016.

  1. I photographed The Wonder Years
    • The Wonder Years released their album ‘No Closer To Heaven’ last year and for the first time I fell in love with this band so much so they were in my top 10 albums of 2015. It was a true pleasure to shoot this band and I didn’t want to leave the venue that night.
  2. I photographed The Cat Empire
    • I have been a fan of The Cat Empire’s for some time now but had never had the chance to see them live. These guys know how to put on a show it was full of incredible energy not only from them but the crowd and their support band The Pierce Brothers. On top of all that my photo was shared on The Tivoli (the venues) Instagram page!
  3. I photographed The Temper Trap
    • The band that brought us Sweet Disposition we all know that song even if it is the only song of The Temper Traps that you know. I was very fortunate to shoot this band for the venue, The Triffid which is not a very common thing you usually always have to be shooting for a media site. It was so great to see these guys and also be introduced to Edward R. their support band.
  4. I photographed my first Engagement Shoot
    • It may have been my cousin and his new fiancée but for them to trust me to take photo’s that they will look at for the rest of their lives means so much more than they could ever realise. It also gave me a great excuse to go and see my extended family who I do not get the chance to see enough.
  5. I photographed the best Aussie band at the moment (in my opinion) Violent Soho!
    • Yes it was for the second time and the seventh time seeing them live but I love these guys and to have photo’s from their very first sold out Tivoli show makes it even better. If you are looking for great Aussie Rock music then you can not go past this band!

So in my opinion these are the things I have achieved this month and they all happened in the first 2 weeks of the months. The rest of the month I feel like I haven’t really achieved much but I want to reflect on that time and give myself a new goal for the coming months to find something that I am proud of each week.

Next month looks like it is going to be quite hectic which excites me, I like to be busy and always doing things. As long as my camera comes back from the doctor this week I am looking forward to photographing The Smith Street Band with support from Luca Brasi this weekend. My fingers are crossed to be shooting The Living End, Josh Pyke and The Paper Kites. As well as having tickets to see The Rubens, Northlane and In Hearts Wake and Disney On Ice.

It’s always strange these days going to shows and not photographing but I can also learn a lot from these experiences. Taking a step back and seeing live music from a different perspective and seeing what the crowd see’s makes me re-look at what shots I take and maybe changing them a bit to help represent the night better. At the end of the day it’s the crowd who are most likely going to see the images so they should feel like they were there through the photo’s.

Anyway I am blubbering so at the end of the month of May I am truly happy with all that I have achieved and am very hopeful that there are more great things to come not only in June but for the rest of the year. Enjoy the little time we have left of May 2016 and prepare yourself for an even better June 2016.

Liam & Sophia’s Engagement Shoot

I could say I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to shoot this wonderful couple a few weeks ago. But the truth is Liam is my cousin I have known him all his life and when I heard he was engaged I felt proud of him. Being at such a young age it is hard to comprehend how much two people can really love each other, but then you see them together. The first moment I met Sophia I saw and felt straight away that there was something bigger than anything else holding these two together, not just Liam’s hands tightly around her waist. Love is not something I truly understand but seeing the love these two hold for each other made it become a reality for me.


I photographed the lovely couple in Warwick, QLD their home town and were I too spent a lot of my time growing up with my Aunty and Uncle. The shoot wasn’t entirely ideal as the sun wasn’t at that peak setting just yet but I made do with the time frame I was given. I started off slowly with the two as I could see that Sophia was a little nervous and took some group shots of them and her family. You can also tell that Sophia’s parents are very proud of their daughter and the man that she will one day marry (they are to have a long engagement).


We then went for a little walk down the creek/river away from all the crowd I found some nice spots for the two to stand and just walked away and let them talk amongst themselves. With my live music photography I am also trying to capture those more intimate moments where the band members are not just singing and playing their instruments. I feel that it is in those moments that you can capture a person more candidly  and just being themselves. I did not need to say anything to them they were just there in the moment looking into each others eyes, and Liam constantly telling Sophia she looked beautiful.

We finished the shoot with a few more of their family members and also ones of just the couples mothers. I unfortunately missed the two kissing but my cousin decided to give it another shot just for me. Once again being able to capture an intimate moment for the two for them.


Thank you Liam and Sophia for letting me capture this moment in your life. I can not wait to see what adventures the two of you will have together.

Please get in contact if you to would like an intimate shoot done.

The Wonder Years @ The Triffid

Support: Knuckle Puck, Our Past Days and Satellites

May 5, 2016

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Of Monsters And Men @ The Tivoli

Support: Gordi

April 28, 2016

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The Temper Trap @ The Triffid

Support Edward R.

May 7, 2016