What can you achieve in a year?

A year ago I finally got up the courage to take a massive leap, well for me it was massive. I had been interested in photography for a few years before this and my mum gave me a Nikon D5100 for Christmas one year to help me learn a bit more about photography. I’d taken classes and purchased some beautiful lenses but the problem was I wasn’t really doing anything with what I was learning besides bringing my camera along to family gatherings.

At the start of April 2015 I decided to make the big purchase (after selling all the camera gear I had) and buy a Nikon D750 and Tamron 24-70mm lens. I did a lot of research and spoke to many people before spending  all this money and knew that this was what I needed to start taking live music photography. So by the middle of April I had my camera and lens which was great but I had no live music to shoot.

This is where having contacts within the industry really comes in handy and thankfully I had a few of them from studying at JMC Academy and interning at Universal Music. I sent an email out to one of my lecturers who I knew ran The Brightside in The Valley. I was some what freaking out that he would say, we don’t let just anyone photograph you have to be a affiliated with a blog/website. Thankfully he didn’t say that and let me start learning in his venue!

So there I was on the 24th of April 2015 standing in The Brightside getting ready for Citizen with my camera, trying to remember everything I had heard from people and read online about live music photography. I set myself a goal, if you can come out of this with 10 good shots you’ve succeeded tonight. After the show I went home and uploaded my photo’s I was so excited to see what I had captured and was so surprised and proud of what I got. After editing the photo’s I ended up with 142 photo’s that I was happy with.

Taken and edited in 2015

I look at these photo’s a year later and go, I had no idea what I was doing. These photo’s are grainy due to not knowing how to expose properly and also exporting them all wrong. But it was my first time and I am still proud of these photo’s it’s where it all began. For a long time I had photo’s I had taken with my point and shoot on my walls to remind me why I am photographing every week to get better and to inspire me. Now I have photo’s that I have taken over the past year to remind me of what I have already achieved and to keep pushing myself to achieve more.

The photo I always look at though isn’t my favourite shot of The 1975 or Holy Holy or Xavier Rudd or Imagine Dragons. It’s that photo of Citizen the one that reminds me that I can do this. I have only been photographing for a year and every time I enter a venue I learn something new and I see that other photographers around and they inspire me too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I use to say to my mum that I did’t have an imagination, I wasn’t creative. I think I proved that young girl wrong and I hope to keep proving her wrong. I have been so fortunate to be able to photograph some of my all time favourite musicians, to travel overseas and do the same. Some times I struggle and can’t figure out why I’m doing this as I make no money from the one thing that makes me truly happy. I think that is why it makes me happy there is nothing else connected to it. It’s just me, my camera and the musician. No pay packet at the end of it just pure joy that I have captured a memory in time not only for myself but for all the people that are at the shows.

If you have liked one of my photo’s on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook I thank you. If you have then started following me I thank you even more. I don’t just do this for me I do it for the people who were there or couldn’t be there.

If something brings you pure joy, that smile on your face you can’t explain don’t let it go, pursue it and hold onto it tight. – Cristina Elizabeth Jorgensen 2016

Same photo's taken in 2015 re-edited 2016
I'd just like to make a small thank you to those who have helped me and supported
me over the past year. My family and friends, The Brightside, Jesse Barbera, Luke
Thompson, AAA Backstage for giving me a chance without even seeing my photo's, 
AMNplify, Bear Family and all the managers I've contacted and said yes to me 
instead of ignoring my emails.

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