How many times can you see a band in 1 year?

So this post comes with a little story, I hope you’re sitting down.

Back in February the incredible two day Soundwave Festival happened a few weeks before hand I was going through the lineup as I always do to see which bands I was going to see. I came across a bands called, Lower Than Atlantis and fell in love straight away. I was front row for their set at Soundwave, damn was it hot that day. I was going to go to the signing tent to go and say ‘Hi’ to them but chickened out. Instead I went and saw some random band which isn’t that hard to do at Soundwave. I left Soundwave on the Sunday night feeling like I had really got my money’s worth and cemented my love for Lower Than Atlantis completely after seeing their set earlier in the day.


Flash forward to May this year, I went and saw Enter Shikari and was luckily surprised that Hands Like Houses supported them. I had listened to these guys a few times I own their last album so it was great to see them live. I was so impressed by their stage presence, musicianship and their beliefs for the world it really resonated well with me. It’s always great to see Australian musicians not just impacting the world with music but with positive ways to help the world.


I then started to plan my trip overseas for the USA and UK, next thing I know Lower Than Atlantis announced a UK tour. Their last until their next album comes out and I instantly knew I had to buy tickets, so I did, to five of their shows. It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to follow a band around and see them in different places so it’s going to be a really special week travelling to Middlesbrough, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol and Birmingham. What better way to see the sights during the day and then seeing one of my favourite British bands by night.


So I though I had planned enough that I was going to achieve my full fix of these two bands and then Hands Like Houses announced their Australian tour, and who would support them on this tour, that’s right, Lower Than Atlantis. So on Thursday night (15th Nov) I headed out to The Brightside to see some live music and also photograph it as well. I still can’t believe that I get to do this every week. When I walked in the door to The Brightside and saw LTA’s lead singer Mike Duce it all felt real until then it just felt like any other show I photograph. But when it’s of band that you love and feel some what invested in, it all becomes more then just another gig.


So what can I say about the show well 40 minutes is not enough time for LTA to play they have too many incredible songs that don’t fit into that time limit. But in 40 minutes I think if the audience where just there to see HLH then they left loving LTA. Each one of the guys in the band in their own right is incredibly talented. My brother said after the show ‘Their drummer is insane’ and that ‘s coming from a guy who use to be a drummer. As for Mike Duce the beautiful bearded lead singer he was in true form. Making jokes with crowd, bantering with the crowd and rocking out like a musician should. It was so great to be able to see LTA before I head overseas to see them again just to wet the pallet and make me want more.


As for Hands Like Houses, I can not believe that these guys did not sell out the venue more people should know about them. I’m hoping with their new announcement of being signed to UNFD that more people will pay more attention to them. Their set list included all of their previous released songs as well as a few newbies that made me extremely excited to hear the new album. They seem to be a little bit heavier then previous songs but will fit in well with their current catalogue of music.


The night drew to an amazing close and got me thinking again why I didn’t change my flights so then I could see both bands play in LA when I’m there. But alas when both bands play in LA I will be in London seeing more live music. How many times does one person need to see a band play live in one year anyway? Well for me it will be seven times seeing LTA and I do not regret a thing. Safe travels to both bands as they head off to America in the next couple of days to start the USA leg of The Dissonants World Tour.


For more photo’s check them out in the Live Music tab above under Hands Like Houses

If you are keen to hear more about either of these bands please go and check out their Facebook pages

Hands Like Houses

Lower Than Atlantis

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