The Delta Riggs & Harts @ The Brightside

When I saw that The Delta Riggs and Harts were playing at The Brightside a few weeks ago I knew straight away I wanted to photograph the gig. I feel like I have known who The Delta Riggs are for many years now. I have volunteered at Big Sound Live (a music industry gathering in Brisbane Australia) for about four or five years now, and I have seen these guys wandering around in their band jackets. Yes they have jackets with their band name on them, they look awesome and I kind of want one!  Even though these guys have been on my radar for many years now I only heard their music for the first time this year when they supported Foo Fighters at Suncorp Stadium. The moment I heard them play all I could think was why had it taken me this long to listen to them. The Delta Riggs are a band that in my opinion are making music that no other Australian band is. Their live shows are exciting and insanely enjoyable, I had trouble photographing them due to just wanting to dance the whole night.

Harts on the other hand who is a one man band, I discovered through Interning at Universal. Darren Hart (Harts) was signed to Universal for a split moment and toured Australia on the release of his EP ‘Offtime’. I was lucky enough to go on a promo day with him and my promo manager. Not long after all of this Harts became an independent artist and released a full length album ‘Daydreamer’ and by the looks of it hasn’t looked back. Seeing Harts live for the first time with absolutely incredible this is a guy who will put any guitar player to shame. He just blows you away with his incredible talent and music. I am super excited that Harts will be embarking on his own tour in July in support of his new EP ‘Breakthrough’ due out soon.

If you’re looking for new Australian music then these two bands are definitely a place to start.

To find out more information about The Delta Riggs and Harts check out their Facebook and Websites here…

The Delta Riggs


For more pictures from this gig check out the Live Music Tab

Lastly a big thanks to these guys for letting me stand in front of them while photographing Harts 🙂

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