Andy Bull @ The Brightside

When I was interning at Universal Music, I was told by my Promotion’s Manager Jules that if I ever got the chance to see Andy Bull, to make sure I went. I never had the opportunity two years ago but this year I did and Jules you were right. The moment Bull walks onto the stage who can tell the kind of guy he is. With a big grin on his face he says ‘Hi’ to all his fans at The Brightside followed by high fives to the people in the front row. As the last show/tour for his latest release ‘Sea Of Approval’ you can only expect that Bull is excited to be playing these shows as well as being able to start a new chapter once the tour is over. The show was amazing and the crowd loved it but it did seem like they were all waiting for that number one song, ‘Keep On Running’, it was yelled out many times as requests. Andy was smart though and made them wait right till the end and played it as the encore.

I am excited to see what come next for Andy Bull after such a successful album ‘Sea Of Approval’ things can only keep going up for him.

To find out more about Andy Bull check out…

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